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Fulfilling Your Needs for OEM Custom Manufacturing

Cancore provides custom manufacturing for various original equipment manufacturers. We have a varied range of products along with full engineering support in the application and environmental assessment to determine cooling system suitability. Our team is trained to conduct rating system calculations to ensure that the heat exchanger can meet the demanding heat load requirements of various environmental conditions. We also offer AutoCAD drawings along with full prototype and installation support. Cancore is here to fulfill all your needs for OEM custom manufacturing in Hamilton. Our capabilities include:

Thermal design analysis software

Computerized CNC stamping equipment

Numerous fin fabrication stations

Full leak test

Full AutoCAD and inventor

Collaboration with design engineers

Our Products

We have several products in the OEM category which include:

Stationary power/gensets

Trackless vehicles

Paving equipment

Ice resurfacing equipment

Military applications

Air compressors

Farm equipment

Portable welders


Rough terrain forklifts and loaders

Irrigation pumps

Mining and underground equipment

All specialty applications

Locomotive applications

Available Products & Components:

Heat exchangers

Complete radiator assemblies


Finger guards

Oil coolers

All mounting brackets

Aftermarket radiators

Radiator cores

Charge air coolers

Side frames


Washer bars

And more

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