About Us

Since 1955 the focus at Cancore Industries has always been on our customer relationships. We provide access to two fully stocked warehouses, daily and overnight delivery throughout most of Southern Ontario, and a Quality First purchasing philosophy with the best warranties available in the industry. It is because of our commitment in these areas that we have been able to grow and maintain a loyal customer base.


  • We now test all bolt on cores. Leak free guaranteed for your peace of mind!
  • Overnight¬†and daily delivery throughout most of Southern Ontario
  • Toll free order desk
  • 97% fill rate
  • Technical sales support
  • Four hour turn around time on average¬†for custom cores
  • Immediate pick up for all in stock orders
  • Thermal Design Analysis software
  • Computerized CNC stamping equipment
  • Numerous fin fabrication stations
  • Full leak test capabilities
  • Full AutoCAD and Inventor capabilities
  • Collaboration with design engineers
  • Engineering support in application and environmental assessment